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General criteria.

The website for La Alhóndiga has been developed by using accessible design and programming, with the objective of guaranteeing universal access to the greatest number of possible users.

These criteria are based on the WCAG/WAI recommendations from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is an international consortium in charge of supervising technologies and Internet standards. The AA level of this recommendation has been applied at all times.

Equally, the source code for this website has been developed using XHTML and CSS2 technologies, recommended by the W3C for correct independent visualisation of the browsing devices and an appropriate separation between style and content.


Direct accesses and keyboard shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts have been included for fast, easy access to the key points on the different pages in the site. In general, combining the "alt" key with another one (from the list shown below) will take us to a specific option. The "alt" key appears on PCs; Mac computers have an action key (normally next to the space bar) which does the same job.

  • Direct access to the home page:
    • Mozilla Firefox : alt+Shift+1
    • Internet Explorer : alt+1+Enter
    • Chrome : alt+1
  • Direct access to "Help":
    • Mozilla Firefox : alt+Shift+3
    • Internet Explorer : alt+3+Enter
    • Chrome : alt+3
  • Direct access to "Web map":
    • Mozilla Firefox : alt+Shift+4
    • Internet Explorer : alt+4+Enter
    • Chrome : alt+4
  • Direct access to "Accessibility":
    • Mozilla Firefox : alt+Shift+5
    • Internet Explorer : alt+5+Enter
    • Chrome : alt+5
  • Direct access to "Privacy policy":
    • Mozilla Firefox : alt+Shift+8
    • Internet Explorer : alt+8+Enter
    • Chrome : alt+8
  • Direct access to "Legal warning":
    • Mozilla Firefox : alt+Shift+9
    • Internet Explorer : alt+9+Enter
    • Chrome : alt+9
  • Direct access to "municipal
    • Mozilla Firefox : alt+Shift+0
    • Internet Explorer : alt+0+Enter
    • Chrome : alt+0



Text and interface size

All the font sizes and sizes for other elements on the site have been implemented using relative units. In this way, it is possible to modify the size using each browser's commands. As well as using the corresponding menus, this function can be used directly with the following shortcuts:

  • Internet Explorer : Control and mouse wheel
  • Mozilla Firefox : Control and mouse wheel, Control and - or Control and +
  • Opera: Control and mouse wheel, Control and - or Control and +
  • Netscape: Control and - or Control and +
  • Safari: Comando and - or Comando and +


Browsing using the keyboard

In order to be able to browse independently of the entry device used, it is possible to move between the different links for each page using the tab.


This web site has been programmed in accordance with XHTML regulations   This web site uses validated style sheets in accordance with CSS2 regulations   This web site complies with the third level of WAI/WCAG accessibility
Artxandako Funikularra/ Funicular de Artxanda/ Artxanda Funicular Railway
This web site complies with the third level of WAI/WCAG accessibility